Truck Relocation Tips


Do you want to relocate your prime-mover, road train, heavy rigid or mine-spec truck? It could be you intend to move it to a garage or from your dealer's premises. Below are some tips on how to relocate your vehicle. 

Work With Reputable Companies  

If you do not own a heavy haulage truck, you will need to contact a company specialising in truck relocation services. The following tips should help you when hiring a truck relocation company: 

  • Assess the company's capability to transport your truck. For instance, what is the hauling capacity of the available trucks? Does the company have an interstate haulage licence?
  • The company's reputation will help you determine the quality of services offered. Customer reviews and hauling blogs will help you compare the services provided by the various companies.
  • Check whether the company offers personalised services. For instance, does the company offer last-mile delivery? Does the company insure cargo in transit? What guarantees does the company give? Does the company allow you to track your truck from its pick-up point to its destination?
  • Ask several truck relocation companies that meet the above criteria to send a quote. This can help you determine which service provider gives you the most value for your money. 

Transport Planning

A haulage transport plan details how you will prepare and execute the truck relocation. When relocating oversized trucks and machines, you need to comply with government laws that regulate the heavy haulage sector. Typically, you need a permit from your territory and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Moreover, you can only move the oversized loads between sunset and sunrise in some states. You might also need to contact traffic police to direct the haulage crew in busy urban centres. 

Conduct a thorough assessment to determine a suitable route. Ideally, you should prioritise the safety of the load and other road users as opposed to the length of the route. You should also consider routes with a lower volume of traffic and wide roads. Avoid highways with risks such as slippery roads and sharp bends, which could complicate the haulage process.


The truck drivers must be in the right headspace during transport. Typically, they should have enough rest before they commence transport. Moreover, they should not drive for long hours without rest. The haulage truck should have escorts to ensure other motorists slow down as they approach the slow-moving truck. Besides, the convoy should be strategic when making stopovers. Ideally, stopover points should not disrupt traffic. Moreover, they should have the supplies needed by the haulage team. 

Contact a local truck relocation service to learn more.


20 April 2022

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